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Alina Ustychenko greeting you

Keyboard, keytar and piano player

Парусный спорт на море
Music Performance


Hello! I'm Alina Ustynchenko, a talented musician and keyboard player with extensive performance experience.
From the moment I first picked up the keys, I felt a true calling to music. My keyboard skills have been developed through years of practice and performances on various stages.
My international experience includes working in different countries such as China, Greece, Belgium and the UK. I have been part of circus show orchestras, performed with a juggler duo and worked at international shows and festivals.
Thanks for your interest and trust. I look forward to working with you and sharing my music!

About Me.

Hello! My name is Alina Ustynchenko and I am a talented musician and keyboardist with rich experience in performing in various genres. I was born on March 14, 1995 in Ukraine and have Ukrainian citizenship.

My musical career began at the College of the Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts, where I studied music theory. Later, I continued my education at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, specializing in pop piano.

I am proudly proficient in several languages, including Russian (my mother tongue), Ukrainian (fluent) and English (conversational).




Tsykunzow Band,

I joined the Tsykunzow Band as a keyboard player, where I showed my musical skills.


Coffee Talk,

Kyiv, Ukraine

I worked at the "Coffee Talk" cafe in Kyiv as a soloist presenting a varied musical program.


Restaurant "Podkova",

Kyiv, Ukraine

At the Podkova restaurant, I performed as a soloist, bringing my energy and talent to the musical accompaniment.


Full house,

Kyiv, Ukraine

I became the keyboardist for the band Full house, where I continued to develop my musical skills and play in various events.




Cruise ship "Aegean Paradise",

company "ETS Tur",

Turkey - Greece

I joined the Lady band where I played keyboards, sang solos and performed as a pianist in a trio and duet.


Group "Le coeur",

Kyiv, Ukraine


I became a member of the keyboard group "Le coeur", where I continued to show my skills and talent on stage.

Jazz band KNUKiM,

Kyiv, Ukraine

I worked as a keyboardist for the jazz band of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, contributing to the performances of the orchestra

Orchestra of the circus show "Hiten Show", Lijiang, China 


I was the keyboardist of the Hiten Show Circus Orchestra in Lijiang, China, creating the musical score for the show and showing my art on stage.


Duet "Piano and Juggling", Lijiang, China

Together with the juggler Viktor Krachinov, I performed in the duet "Piano and Juggling", where I played keyboards and created a musical atmosphere while juggling.


Show "Het Magish KerstCircus",

Brecht, Belgium

I performed as a keyboardist and assistant juggler at the "Het Magish KerstCircus" show in Brecht, Belgium.


Show "Hiten Show",

Beijing, China

I was a keyboardist and assistant juggler at the "Hiten Show" in Beijing, China.


Cruise ship "Magellan", Cruise & Maritime Voyages, London, UK

I worked as a keyboard player in a live band on the Magellan cruise ship, creating musical accompaniment for passengers.


Cruise ship "Vasco da Gama", Cruise & Maritime Voyages, London, UK

I was a keyboard player in the live band and lounge band on the Vasco da Gama, presenting a varied musical program.



Virtuoso performance: I have a high level of skill in playing keyboards, including piano. I have a technique and expression that allows her to convey emotions and create a unique atmosphere through music.

Sight-reading: I have the skill of sight-reading. This allows me to quickly master new compositions and bring my own musical interpretations to the performance.

Absolute pitch: I have absolute pitch, which allows me to accurately determine the pitch and tone of sounding notes without the use of external references. This skill helps me play music with precision and expressiveness.

Improvisation: I'm great at improvisation. I am able to create new musical ideas on the go, make variations on existing compositions and adapt to different musical situations.

Arrangement: I have arranging skills that allow me to create original and unique arrangements for various pieces of music. I am able to transform music, add new elements and create my own unique interpretation.

Multifaceted Experience: I have 11 years of experience playing in bands in a variety of genres including pop, rock, jazz and funk. This experience allows me to be a flexible and versatile keyboard player, able to adapt to different musical styles and provide the right musical atmosphere.

Stage Presence: I have excellent stage exposure both solo and in a group. I know how to engage the audience with my energy, passion.

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